Monday, November 18, 2013

How to choose personalized jewelry – a guide.

They say that when you give someone a gift, it’s the thought that counts. Nothing in the world is more thoughtful than a personalized gift, made for the recipient specifically. Making something special will show someone how special you think they are! But how do you go about choosing and creating this kind of gift? Here is a complete guide for choosing a personalized item for that special someone, even if that special someone is yourself!
The first thing you need to consider is who the recipient is. A gift you give to your daughter will be much different than one you give to your spouse, or even one you’d give yourself. Start mapping out what they would love by first considering their relationship with you. The closer and more romantic your relationship, the more intimate your gift can be. For people who are close friends, consider bracelets, pins or brooches. For a lover or a spouse consider rings, earrings or chokers. For family, necklaces will show a lot of intimate, non-sexualized affection.
Second, consider the meaning. A personalized item can have many meanings, but most fall in one of two categories: those that define the self, and those that edify, describe and immortalize a relationship. We use clothing and jewelry to tell other stories about who we are, and so a piece with someone’s name on it tells a different story than one that has a general word on it, which tells a “shared” story.
For BFFs and lovers you should strive to tell a shared story about your relationship – you can do that with a piece that recalls a special moment in time, like earrings that say “Springbreak”; alternatively you can give one that encompasses your relationship, like a bracelet that says “BFF” or a pendant that has both your names engraved in it; finally, you can give them something that represents you, which would remind them of you when they wear it, like a bracelet with your name on it.
The other kind of story a personalized item would tell is a story about the wearer. There are many ways to tell a story about who I am, and the item you buy should tell a personal one – That can be done with a named or monogramed necklace; An item inscribed with a word that defines the wearer like “Love”, “Courage”, “Wit” or even “Hottie”; An item that holds a birthstone; and lastly, an item that has religious meaning and symbolism. You do not have to choose just one of these; most can be combined – a cross with the recipient’s name on it or a birthstone ring inscribed with the word “Justice” - and would make very personal and special items. Choose one of these for a family member that isn’t a spouse, like your child or parent, and for yourself as well!
Now you need to choose what type of item you will buy. Think about how strong the message is – on the neck, face and waist we put things we want others to see; on the wrists and fingers, we put things we want to see. If the message is a story about the recipient, go with a necklace or earrings for women and a necklace or belt buckle for men. If it is a story for themselves, get a bracelet, ring or watch for women, and a ring or a watch for men. Try to also think about what items they are missing and what items do they love wearing – some girls love dangling earrings, some men love big metal rings. Buy something they will wear, that compliments them and their existing personal collection.
Last, choose the style of the item. First, consider the material which will be used; Metal, plastic, crystal? The material should be something they would like and compliments their natural style. Metal – usually gold or silver, but also copper, iron and steel – Is for a more reserved, classic look. Plastic will give a younger, brasher, more contemporary look, while crystal can look either classic or new-age, depending on the design. Cloth, leather, bone and feathers will give a wild, powerful look that most young men would appreciate. The Design itself should either contrast or compliment the material, but not be indifferent to it. Remember that the font and style of the letters is a big part of the design of the item, and make sure it fits the intended message of the item.
After you choose all these, make sure you have a professional make the item for you.